Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Augusta Mold Control and Removal is unique in the Augusta Local Market because we offer complete solutions for mold issues. Our Remediation Site Plan covers the initial removal and treatment of your property. We then install moisture control systems that protect your investment over the long haul. Finally, AMCR offers an extendable mold warranty that includes yearly certified mold inspections and lab certified testing. This warranty is transferable to a new owner, keeping your property value as high as possible. Our staff is well trained with over 6 years of experience in this line of work.

We are committed to providing long term cost efficient solution to your mold and water intrusion issues. We are prompt, polite and competent team players who value our customer's safety and welfare. Augusta Mold Control and Removal honors its commitments to our customers and we do so in writing. You can hold us to our word. We know you'll be happy with our mold remediation solutions.

We are a certified mold inspector that offers 24-hour emergency service. We offer competitive prices and our outstanding warranty can cover you for a lifetime.

We provide the best in mold removal service. Thanks to our years of experience and expertise, we offer effective answers for mold issues. The following are solutions for mold control service:

Encapsulation Products

Another prevention method to consider is encapsulation. Freshly treated wood can be sealed with an antimicrobial, water resistant chemical. Once this product cures, it will allow building material to continue drying, while preventing moisture from entering the surface. Mold spores find the encapsulates surface slippery compared to the porous surface of wood. Even if the spore does manage to stick on, it will have to eat its way through a layer of antimicrobial designed to kill it under strict ASTME Mold testing standards. The use of our encapsulates ensures that Augusta Mold Control and Removal has no problem defending our year long warranty after the work is completed.

AMCR is very confident in our encapsulation product. When we include its use in your Mold Remediation Plan, we are able to extend our one year warranty indefinitely on a year to year basis. Our extended warranty fee can be renewed as each year passes and it includes a Complete Certified Mold Inspection with certified air testing results for a reasonable fee. Ask AMCR how keeping a well documented mold warranty can help you ensure the best resell value for your home.

Moisture Control Ventilation Systems

Perhaps your new building has too tight a building envelope and not enough ventilation available to pull out any excess moisture. Did your older home get new nail siding installed? Sometimes, a new exterior will prevent moisture from leaving an established building system and this trapped moisture can collect inside your attic space. Improper veining is to blame for this style of moisture intrusion.

AMCR offers a Moisture Control Ventilation System that removes moist, humid air strapped in our contained attic and crawlspace and replaces it with cooler and drier air. The system constantly monitors how much water is in the air outside versus the interior air moisture level. When certain conditions are met, the system exchanges the air at least 4 times per hour, reducing the moisture in your home. This system is designed to prevent mold through strict humidity control. This is an important component of the system AMCR will design into your Mold Remediation Plan.

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